A problem that concerns most of women, regardless of whether they have extra pounds or not. Cellulite is caused by abnormal concentration of fat and water between skin and subcutaneous tissue.

Cellulite afflicts about 90% of the female population worldwide, with white women be more prone because of their skin.

As cellulite, can be defined the change of skin surface, which becomes embossed and has a view similar to orange peel, cottage cheese or mattress.

The areas of the body where mainly appears cellulite are thighs, buttocks, belly, arms and calves. It is harmless to our health, but it is a aesthetic problem that affects negatively the psychology of many women.

The American Academy of Dermatology, claims that cellulite is a natural mechanism for storing fat in adult women, to ensure that will be sufficient calories for future pregnancies and breastfeeding.

How we treat cellulite?

By controlling the factors that cause cellulite, it is possible to reduce it considerably. The proper diet, the intake of plenty of fluids and the limited alcohol consumption can help us considerably. Furthermore, the regular physical exercise helps to improve the situation.

However, in many women the problem of cellulite persists, even if they lose weight and make regular exercise.

In women, the tissue is particularly sensitive to fluctuations in the levels of hormones (menstrual cycle, pregnancy, menopause), which cause the storage and creation of accumulated fat. Most women have tried with no results to disappear cellulite in every way, from diet and vigorous exercise to anti-cellulite cremes, traditional and alternative treatments and weight loss drugs.

Cellulite can be diagnosed and classified into four stages. The more advanced the cellulite stage, the more effort needs to be treated. During the cellulite treatment, the blocked lymph needs to decongest, the drainage system must be stimulated, the fibrous tissue around the hard storage of fat should be softer or waived and the weak network of collagen and elastin fibers must be enhanced and reconfigured.

Mesotherapy for cellulite

Usually takes 8-10 sessions with an time interval of 10 days. However, you will see the first results already from the first session. In mesotherapy we inject with injections of lipolytic ingredients and vascular tonics such as caffeine and carnitine.

Mesotherapy: benefits of treatment 

Unfortunately, cellulite is one of the most difficult aesthetic problems we have to solve. The depth in which sunstances must act does not allow us more painless techniques (needle). During the treatment it is good to follow some other advice that the doctor will tell us. Eg stress, sedentary lifestyle, smoking.



To lose weight someone is good, but to keep the curves while losing weight with harmony is even better.  

The LPG techniques are used for years by plastic surgeons, dermatologists, psychiatrists and other doctors, physiotherapists, beauty institutes and known spa centers worldwide. There are more than 110 clinics and scientific studies that prove their effectiveness. According to the most recent study, coordinated by professor Lafontan (INSERM, Toulouse), the effect of CELLU M6 last generation with independent mechanical cylinders activates lipolysis (fat elimination increased by 70%), by stimulating the lipocytes through b-receptor which are responsible for fat reduction.



Our body reflects the way we organize our life in exercise, nutrition, and our physical and mental health. All new body treatments that we now have available aim to sculpt our bodies in those desired dimensions that our health requires and times dictat.

Treatments that with the help of technology achieve little miracles to correct or restore the ideal proportions in every body type.

After a detailed medical evaluation we suggest the right combination of scientific methods to achieve the ideal result for you, with treatments against localized fat, for tightening of the body skin, and reduce cellulite.