In most cases, skin diseases come to the light in times of stress. The psychological factor, so, plays an important role, because it can trigger and worsen a skin disease.

There are family members with chronic skin diseases and although they remain dormant for years, suddenly come to the light because of stress. So we could say that when we see the symptoms of various skin diseases such as psoriasis, herpes, eczema, etc. get worse, we suspect that the person maybe going through stress period. 

Of course in the same way that stress, anxiety and sadness can lead to the appearance of skin diseases, so the appearance of these diseases can lead to disturbance of psychology such as depression, anxiety, panic and lack of confidence because the person with skin diseases can not handle this change that occurs in his body. 

This complicates also the relationships of these people as they don't are approach others because of shame or fear about how other people deal with them.

Generally the skin shows the internal tensions of ourselves that are not expressed through our words and our behavior. Psychosomatic skin diseases represents a subjective message. They express a problem that is not conscious and that the person pushes it away. So having pushed away the problem, the organization erupts with a skin disease, especially when the person is at times of intense stress and sadness. On the other hand there are cases where happens the opposite, that skin diseases occur when passed the stress period and calm occurs. This is because then the person deals with this that concerns him and to avoid it occurs the skin disease to deal with it and not with the real reason that concerns him. So a not expressed bereavement, a drowned anger, a difficult separation that not discussed may be some of the reasons that can cause to the appearance of such symptoms.

According to experts, the relaxation sessions, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) (that helps in changing of negative thoughts) and group psychotherapy are between of the techniques that can help those who suffer from some skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, acne and pigment disorder vitiligo. It seems, however, that generally psychological interventions may help, as patients deal with the emotional impact of their skin diseases and not with the skin diseases themselves.

Generally any kind of psychotherapy seems to be effective in the appearance of skin diseases and generally in the appearance of psychosomatic diseases as through psychotherapy, person can externalize his thoughts and problems that had so long repressed. Generally, it is very helpful and relieving, not only in such diseases, the person talking, expressing his anxieties and sharing his concerns because it is totally normal the human need to externalize any kind of thinking, negative or positive. In cases that children develop a skin disease it would be good to discuss with them their concerns and encourage them to talk to us about their issues and we should not forget that they may be faced, among others, difficulties at school. So it will be good to inform children about what exactly is a skin disease that they have, whether is transmitted or not and stand by them in every question, so as not to imagine that they have something so bad.