In major shortcomings of superficial venous network, where usually have large and unattractive varicose veins, varicose Vein Sclerotherapy can replace invasive treatments and give excellent results, avoiding multiple incisions, discomfort and recovery that require invasive treatments.

Sclerotherapy or sclerosing Injections of varicose veins is a method that eliminates pathological varicose veins with the help of specific drugs, that we inject into them. The treatment is very simple for the patient, but it needs expertise and good knowledge of technique by the doctor, to achieve good results.

A very thin needle is used for the treatment. The walls of the vein that we treat, react when they come into contact with the drug. So the varicose vein closes, occurs fibrosis and eventually absorbed from the body. In this way, the visible unattractive veins (varicose veins) are eliminated.

Many varicose veins need more than one injection in their full length to heal. Also, many areas require several visits for the comprehensive treatment. So the number of visits that will be needed for a treatment depends on the extent and intensity of the problem. After the treatment with sclerosing injections we don't wear elastic tights.

What are the advantages of sclerotherapy of varicose veins?

- Sclerotherapy is a method simple and very well tolerated by the patient.

- It apply with safety in private medical offices and does not require any kind of anesthesia or hospitalization, or absence from work.

- It is not painful and is not imposed precaution on a patient, or restriction in daily activities.

- When is applied by experts can provide excellent aesthetic results.


- It treats easily varicose veins, which previously required surgery and outmatches even the endoluminal Laser, when the diameter of the damaged vein is up to 6 mm.