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The 3MAX PLUS Is Equipped With Three Different Technologies
  • Very-Polar RF (Ραδιουχνότητες)

does six different heads. Provides specialized and integrated (with two or more technologies) non-invasive face and body treatments.

  • A Drastic Reduction Of All Forms Of Cellulite
  • Reduction Of Localized Fat And Sculpting The Body
  • Tightening For Face And Body
  • Local Eye Treatments, Perioral Area
  • Contouring The Face
  • Combat Dark Circles
  • Reduction Of Fluid Retention (Drainage)
How To Operate The Radio Waves?

The 3MAX PLUS has three
very-polar heads RF different
size, face and body, and
different depth of penetration, and two
heads RF+ VACUUM for even deeper

How Does Cavitation;

Cavitation is the ultrasonic technology
at 36KHz, which acts on the interstitial
area of fatty tissue by creating
cavities (bubbles-cavities and purpose
the treatment is the liquidation of the
fat and reducing the number of
fat cells.

How Does The Vacuum;

The rhythmic suction increases the rate of
the lymphatic circulation by reducing the
fluid retention in the region.
10% of the movement of extracellular fluids
body in the region is drained
through the lymphatic route.

How Many Sessions Will It Take?

After a clinical examination by your doctor
in accordance with your needs, we will
propose a personalized therapeutic
protocol (cellulite, localized fat,
clamping, drainage, or a combination).
Normally, it takes from 8 to 12

How Long Is Each Session?

Each session can last from 20
minutes to 45 minutes. The time depends
from the extent and number of areas
and by the type of treatment
(RF, Cavitation, Vacuum, or a combination).

What Is The Feeling During The Treatment?

The treatment is pleasant without
complications. During the implementation
of radio frequencies, the patient feels a
a deep sense of heat in the region, while
during the application of Cavitation
you hear a light sound.

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