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Acne is perhaps the most common disease of adolescence, although it sometimes appears during adult life, and is characterized by inflammation of the sebaceous glands. The common acne which is one that employs most of the world, has the unique feature of comedones, open (blackheads) and closed (small whitish elevations) that fill the trichosebmatogenic enclave and is the most gentle expression.

Main Types of Acne:

In inflammatory can be created papules, small red pimples, and φλυκταινίδια, pimples with pus. Most intense and often painful inflammatory lesions are nodules and cysts, which may remain on the skin for several weeks.
In non-inflammatory acne observed only the comedones, open or closed as mentioned above, without progression in lesions of inflammatory acne .
The most common form is the "common acne" and is found in areas rich in sebaceous glands (especially face-back-shoulders-thorax). The acne subsides gradually in adult life and usually occurs between the ages of 14-17 years of age for girls and 16-19 for the boys, but without strict restriction on the time limits, in particular in women.

Why Is Acne Caused?
  • Are not known, the causes and though it is a multifactorial disease. The factors involved in the appearance is :
  • history (heredity)
  • 2.hormonal disorders
  • 3.stress
  • 4.after irritation of the skin
  • 5.use of certain medications (lithium,androgens)
  • 6.doping and various drug substances
  • 7.the use of fatty cosmetics
  • It affects the psychology of the individual, for this you will need the patients to show patience, because it is a persistent and time-consuming condition that can lead to depression. When you don't, it occurs during adolescence, individuals are already quite unsafe, it can lead to suicide if you delay treatment.
  • 4 are the factors involved in the pathophysiology of the disease:
  • 1) the overproduction of sebum from the glands of the skin, in part genetically determined, mainly by the local action of androgens and especially of dihydrotestosterone after enzymatic action of 5α-reductase inhibitors
  • 2) the Propionobacterium acnes, which is located in the interior of the pilosebaceous follicles and produce lipases which break down the fatty acids of sebum and is considered as essential factors in the pathogenesis of acne.
  • 3) The inflammation, both by the P.acnes as well as from the accumulation of sebum and the pressure on the walls of the enclave
  • 4) the narrowing of The exit of the τριχοσμηγματογόνου bursal from a disorder of keratinization of the cells
  • Acne requires timely treatment in order to prevent relapse and to not leave scars. In addition, if left untreated or is not selected the proper treatment, acne can persist for many years. Even the "valid address" so with the onset of the problem to consult a doctor, dermatological centre or hospital, even if you believe that the problem is not very serious, is the safe and permanent solution to the problem. Acne is a diseasenot a simple cosmetic problem. In need of medical assistanceand there's no reason to be ashamed of your problem.

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