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Treatment Of Skin Disease Associated With Allergies

With the condition of skin allergies, we refer to the manifestation of allergic symptoms of the skin, which is probably the most common instrument of developing allergy. Practically, any allergy (perhaps with the exception of respiratory allergy) may occur either exclusively as a skin allergy or with a combination of symptoms from the skin and other organs.

Thus, the allergy to food, medicines or stick (stinging) bee or wasp can be displayed either as an isolated cutaneous allergy (the expression in the skin of a rash called urticaria), or as a combination of a skin allergy, and symptoms from other organs, such as the respiratory, digestive and circulatory system (i.e. blood pressure). In the case that the cutaneous allergy (urticaria) is combined with symptoms from other organs, then the condition is called systemic anaphylactic reaction (anaphylaxis).

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