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Phototherapy LED Omega Light


  • Competitive price
  • Domed shape – less loss of light 
  • Excellent distribution of the light source
  • Small and compact– easy to transport
  • Easy to apply
  • Available for the treatment of the entire body
  • High performance with the guarantee of adequate distance radiation
  • In line with the standards of hygiene and good medical practice
  • Absolutely safe

The advantages of OMEGA Light

  • Device infrared light (SMD LED) special subsidiarity and excellent, strong, high brightness. 
  • Laser emission that is less than 1W.
  • Safe treatment without pain, photoaging, scars, lesions of heat.  
  • Improvement in composite skin problems.
  • Light of a different wavelength (423nm~640nm)
  • Four colors of light (red, blue, green, yellow) 
  • Can be used at the same time with the GENOSYS PEPTIDE GEL MASK. 
  • The red and blue light can be used at the same time. 
  • The usage time can be adjusted during the treatment

Promotion of βιοδραστηριότητας
The light energy is converted to chemical energy which heals the cellular damage.
RED Light
Wavelength: 640nm
Penetration depth: 1-6mm

  • Promote cellular regeneration
  • Promotion of blood circulation
  • Pain relief
  • Activation of the active ingredients

BLUE Light
Wavelength: 423nm
Penetration depth: 1mm

  • Destruction of bacteria acne
  • Suspension overactive sebaceous glands
  • Prevention of skin infections

Wavelength: 532nm
Penetration depth: 0.5-2mm

  • Alleviation
  • Improvement of sensitive skin
  • Physical and mental relaxation

Wavelength: 583nm
Penetration depth: 1-2mm

  • Relief of redness
  • Relief of erythema
  • Relief herpes zoster initial stage

Synergistic Action
Basic Treatment + Omega Light

  • Pain relief
  • Reducing the time of recovery
  • Increase the degree of DNA synthesis in the body
  • Increase of cellular activity
  • Increase of dermal regeneration
  • 4 wavelengths – a variety of results


  • Weight: 2.5 kg / 3.5 kg (with external box)
  • Volume: 46*232.*31.2 / 55*27*35 (along with the outer box)
  • Power: Input AC220V, 60Hz
  • Maximum output power: 24VA
  • Certificates: Certificate of conformity, CE, K-mark(security Certificate)


  • Patients must wear protective glasses (PDT) during the course of treatment.
  • The treatment area should be disinfected. 
  • After the treatment requires adequate hydration.
  • Apply sun protection after treatment.
  • Avoid any activity that may irritate the skin (avoid the exercise or sauna).

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