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Pioneering EMS/HIFM machine suitable for muscle gains, fat burning and sculpting the body, enhancing also the immune and lymphatic drainage.
Pulsed electromagnetic fields are used in medical aesthetics for many years, effectively and safely.
The FraxLipo uses the most advanced (HIFEM) technology focused magnetic emission, which stimulates the motor neurons, so that the muscles to expand and contract.

  • Safe And Non-Invasive
  • Without Electric-Thermal Load
  • Without Radiation
  • You Do Not Need Recovery Period
  • Easy And Comfortable Process
  • No Pain, No Sweat, No Other Side Effects

Visible results immediately after treatment!
30 minutes treatment can practice to 30,000 strong muscle contractions, which triggers the fat cells to increased metabolism, achieving at the same time local and fat burning.
Particularly effective on the buttocks and the belly!
With two heads emission, which can work individually or in sync, we are building a muscular substrate under the fat cells, achieving a sleek and athletic body.
Without supply of heat, cooling, pain-free in the tissues.

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