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Genital warts

The infection by the virus of warts is the most common sexually transmitted disease.
It is estimated that 50-70% of sexually active men and women infected with HPV during their lifetime.
It is estimated that in any sexual contact with an infected person without a condom there is a risk of 70% of contamination from the virus. Genital warts, however, will occur in only 10% of those who will become infected as well, in most cases, the virus of warts treated by the immune system, and it remains in a dormant state.
The HPV types 6 and 11 are responsible for 90% of warts.
High risk involved for cancer cervix and other cancers is HPV16, HPV18, 31, 33, 35, 39, 45, 51, 52, 56, 58, 59 and 68.
Unlike genital warts, the virus itself cannot be removed from the body. When infecting the cells remain in them forever, however, genital warts can be removed.


The typical condylomata acuminata, are presented as pink or grayish lesions, soft with a smooth, or ανθοκραμβοειδή surface (like cauliflower), and flattened base.
The warts multiplied by αυτοενοφθαλμισμό (transmission from one point of the body to another) and can flock to and form large plaques. It is usually asymptomatic and painless. Very rarely appears itching, burning, pain, or bleeding because of the warts.
The men are mainly found in the Glans,in the pubic area, on the body of the penis, the scrotum, in the urethra and, rarely, in the urinary bladder.
High incidence of warts have diabetes, HIV carriers and in years download ανοσοκατασταλτικων drugs.
In women, the warts are found in the small and the big lips, the urethra, the vagina and in the cervix of the uterus.
Causes that promote the development of wart's the pregnancy, infection with bearded bitch, but other infections.
Other location-tracking of warts is the anus.Genital warts anus very often are found inside the anus and the perianal skin. 
Other εξωγεννητικές and rarer positions tracking of warts are the mucosa of the mouth and especially the corners of the lips, the pharynx, the conjunctiva, the underarms, navel, and the intermediate phalanges. of foot.

Increased Risk

Over the warts, the persistent infection with high-risk subtypes of HPV can result in the challenge of precancerous lesions such as intraepithelial neoplasia, cervical (CIN), vulvar (VIN), penile (PIN) and intraepithelial neoplasia of the anus (AIN).These are precancerous malformations that often co-exist with genital warts, and which may develop into cancer.
The great importance of the warts when they appear in women lies in the fact that almost all of the women who have experienced cancer of the cervix, have experienced and genital warts in this area.Of course I have to stress that it didn't show all the women who have experienced genital warts, cancer of the cervix.

  • Ελκωσεις ,bleeding, infection, mechanical problems during urination
  • Create giant κονδυλωματων,malformations, cancers, ano-genital country, cancer cervix

The diagnosis of warts is mainly clinical and diocesan. 
You may need a biopsy and histological examination for the diagnosis of warts and mainly in differential problems while with the method of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) detected the DNA of the virus κονδυλώματος and we can do a standardization of the virus.

Differential Diagnosis

The differential diagnosis of warts should be done mainly by flat warts of the δευτερογόνου syphilis, the papillomas, the moles, warts, the squamous cell carcinoma,lymphogranuloma venereum, and molluscum τέρμινθο.
Also, with genital warts look like and the μαργαριταροειδείς papules of the penis is normal glands around the glans of the penis may swell.


The only way to 100% prevention of warts would be, in theory, the strict monogamy. Because something like that is impossible to implement, require the use of a condom for the prevention of warts, which, however, does not protect 100%.
Today are available 2 vaccines. Gardasil protects against the types of HPV 16, HPV 18, HPV6, HPV11, and therefore a large proportion of genital warts, as well as the 90% of those due to viruses 6 and 11.Cervarix protects against HPV 16 and HPV 18 and is not actually protects against genital warts, but only from the cervical cancer of the uterus. Gardasil should be administered before the beginning of sexual life and has been approved for use by the Us FDA for prevention of warts from the age of 9 years old.


Depending on the number and size of lesions selected for the treatment of warts with topical creams for treating warts with diathermy coagulation, Κρυοπηξια and laser.
Today we can have very high rates of dealing with warts in only one visit.
This is achieved by treating warts with CO2 laser in combination, in some cases with surgical treatment of warts where required to do so.
Treatment of warts with Laser carbon dioxide offers the advantage today of all available methods. The laser treatment of warts selectively targets only the existing genital warts, leaving intact the surrounding healthy skin.
Treatment of warts with a laser is characterized by the absence of post-operative pain and scarring, and the cosmetic result is excellent. Treatment of warts with a laser is a bloodless method, the beam of the laser is applied targeted to the affected area after local anesthesia with a solution of ξυλοκαΐνης 2% and can destroy all existing at a given time genital warts in just one session.
It is the most painless, without side effects and effective method of treatment of warts and is the treatment of choice for small and medium-sized lesions.

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