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Cryolipolysis – Cavitation – Diore – Pentapollar RF

Because The Method Cryoplus Is So Popular?

The method is so popular because it offers results from the first session, without the need for surgery. This revolutionary method λιποκαταστροφής eliminates the local thickness, without any side effects.

How Does The Method Work Cryoplus;

The new trend in the non-invasive λιποαφαίρεση called Cryoplus. The method uses two techniques: the suction for efficient targeting of adipose tissue in the treatment area, and controlled cooling. The cooling leads to a large percentage of the fat cells in apoptosis, a controlled cell death. The fatty acids released are eliminated naturally through the lymphatic route. Clinical studies show that in 2-4 sessions we have an impressive reduction of adipose tissue, in the order of 25-40%.

In What Parts Of The Body We Can Apply The Method Cryoplus;

The method Cryoplus can be applied all over the body, except the neck and face. The most popular areas are the abdomen, inner and outer thighs, arms, and buns.

How Long Is Each Session And How Many Do They Need?

The session lasts 45 minutes. Usually 2-4 sessions are enough for a definitive solution to the problem.


After the method Cryoplus you can return to normal day-to-day activities, since there is no recovery time. Proper diet, adequate water consumption and exercise, it is necessary to unleash the full potential of the method.
This is a non-invasive method that is appropriate for every skin type. The emission of radio frequencies through the skin causes the heating of the tissues of the dermis and fat cells. In this way, activated – stimulated fibroblasts to produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. The change is immediately visible, the skin becomes smoother, brighter and firmer. The method PENTAPOLAR RF is ideal for areas of the face and body where there is relaxation, such as eyelids, the contour of the face, wrinkles, belly, buttocks, thighs etc.


The results remain as followed a good and healthy way of life. The number of fat cells in the body is reduced, so there is no possibility of propagating them. So the results are permanent.


This revolutionary method λιποκαταστροφής is the solution to the stubborn local fat and cellulite. The targeted ultrasound focus selectively in adipocytes by exerting intense pressure and releasing their contents into the circulation. Through the natural metabolic processes of the body that the content is eliminated safely, resulting in a reduction of points in the treatment area. At the same time is achieved improvement of the microcirculation. With zero recovery time, reset to daily activities immediately. The method of CAVITATION is perfect for any area of the body where there are deposits of fat and cellulite, such as the abdomen, inner and outer thighs, arms, and the "buns".


Lipolysis aimed at parallel points. The Laser of low intensity work effectively in the fat cells and triggers the release glycerol, water and fatty acids, which are excreted through the natural metabolic processes of the body. Short weight loss and points. The method of DIODE LASER can be applied to areas of the body where there is an acute problem of local thickness, such as the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms, knees, back etc.

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