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Laser Fractional Co2 Smartxide: Anti-Aging – Acne Scars – Stretch Marks

The technology Fractional laser gives you the ability to restore skin, scars and striae.

Skin Regeneration

The regeneration of skin with laser is a reliable solution if the acne, sun exposure or passage of time have made their presence felt on your face leaving scars, blemishes, wrinkles, or fine folds (lines). The laser treatment can help the regeneration of skin so that your skin can regain its vitality, it looks younger and healthier.
The cure for the skin regeneration is fit after the age of 30, and the procedure can be done alone or in combination with other cosmetic surgeries on the face such as chemical peeling, botox, implants hyaluronic acid for even better results.
On the treatment of skin resurfacing require 4-5 treatments every two to three weeks to activate the 100% of the skin area. Each treatment lasts from 25 to 60 minutes. After the end of each treatment the skin is slightly irritated which is not a problem, as you can return it directly on your activities. If you smoke, you should stop for two weeks before and after the procedure. Smoking can prolong the treatment for skin regeneration.
The results from the process of skin regeneration are visible from the first treatment. The skin wakes up and begins to produce collagen, while any stains start to disappear. The results of each subsequent treatment appear more and more directly.
The laser is used, with success, not only in the area of the face and the neck, hands, chest. Local injections of collagen, fill the wrinkles but they may affect the general balance of collagen and to give vitality and elasticity to the face. Select the regeneration of skin to give freshness and healthy appearance to your skin.

Treatment Of Stretch Marks

The stretch marks so are lines on the skin that can occur commonly in pregnancy, puberty, but when we lose or we abruptly pounds. They look like slightly engraved pink, red, dark, or white streaks, depending on the color of our skin. Stretch marks are the most close to the belly, but they can also develop on the chest, and thighs. Best is to be addressed as early as possible with various treatments stretch marks.
The Aristides Baliakos features a unique high-tech equipment (Smartxide DOT CO2 Fractional Laser), suitable for dealing with even wider range of indications with the fastest and most efficient way. Through the Fractional technology to achieve results of interventional treatment, but in a non-invasive, virtually painless, and rapid recovery.

Applications Of The Equipment:
  • Improvement Of Skin Tone
  • Reduce Wrinkles Around The Eyes And Mouth
  • Improvement In The Size Of The Skin Pores
  • Acne Scars
  • Signs Of Age
  • Skin Tightening
  • Brown Spots And Discolorations.
  • Melasma
  • Vascular Lesions
  • Surgical Scars

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