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Laser Synchro Play Alexandrite: Hair Removal

What it is:

The Laser is a beam of light. This beam carries a high luminous energy due to the μονοχρωματικότητας of acting thermally leaving intact healthy skin.

The final elimination of unwanted hair is an achievement of the last few years, with the help of modern technology. It's about women and men who want to get rid or even to thin hair, from points of the face and body, where this is an aesthetic problem. The δασυτριχισμός whether due to heredity, or due to a hormonal disorder (e.x. polycystic ovaries ) or to appear in menopause. But the normal hair growth (e.x minge, legs) it can be -and usually is - unwanted. The traditional methods of hair removal (shaving, wax, creams, electrolysis) is ineffective with regard to the eradication of the problem and many times accompanied by side effects (bursitis, burns, pain). The results are short-term and required very frequent repetitions.

The Laser Hair Removal Offers A Permanent, Safe And Quick Solution.

The mechanism of selective destruction of the hair can be explained by selective photothermolysis. The laser Alexandrite emits energy is selectively absorbed by melanin, which in non-tanned leather is concentrated around the skin tag destroying it. This is a method absolutely safe as there is no radiation that affects the internal organs.

For the final elimination of the hair growth takes an average of 8-10 visits with an interval of one and a half month between them. It is important to the per 40ήμερο re-treatment for the utmost efficacy to 3 days before the implementation of the first treatment shaves the area of the body will be waxed so that the hair has a length of at least 2 mm, but it's not too far away. Not required shaving for hair removal on the face.

Skins on light colored with dark hair are the most suitable for hair removal in this way. The application, therefore, is excluded in blackened skins (burn risk). In the summer, therefore, the application immediately before the holidays, so during them to enjoy a smooth waxed skin without irritation and then there is time to "ξεμαυρίσει" the skin before the next application. After the second-third session, the hair becomes more subtle and soft while there are areas of dilution. After waxing it is good to avoid for 7-10 days exposure to the sun while in times of sunshine requires the use of sunscreen when the wax is applied to the face.

Before the application of the laser and in areas sensitive (bikini) recommended the application of anesthetic cream locally, so that it is well tolerated hair. The pain generally is similar or milder of hair removal wax. After the treatment, a mild irritation to the skin that lasts 24-48 hours. After the application stops the growth of hair, the roots of which fall within about 15 days, and the area remains hairless. About 40 days after starting the επανέκφυση of hair and then have to repeat the treatment, as it is more "sensitive" the hair (anagen phase) of the laser.

Regards to all ages, starting from the 13-14 years after already from this age, the hairy girls creates a strong aesthetic and psychological problem. White, however, hair, and natural blondes are not treated with the laser. During the implementation, we avoid the shots on top of olives to not get burned and irritated.

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