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The mesotherapy regard to the injection of substances that make the skin much more vibrant and admittedly newest. The applications of both the reset of the hair in the case of alopecia, the radical renewal of the skin and neck on the localized reduction of fat is in the main a confession unique.
The infusions in Mesotherapy are not limited to specific points or small areas, but they are also extended to even larger. This is why there is a clear separation between the Mesotherapy for face and body. The first aims to restore facial wrinkles while the second reduces cellulite and localized fat.
For the application of the used needles are very thin, as a 0.6 cm, that doesn't hurt because they penetrate up to a depth of 3 mm into the skin, leaving the nutrients to spread rapidly and to act.
Dermapen: H device with multiple spikes
And if this Treatment uses fine needles as 0.6 cm, Dermapen contains small pins that their length may not exceed 0.4 mm. In the case of the Dermapen or injection of substances combined in a unique way with a local massage on the areas of intervention, which are anything but luxury is.
And this is why this particular massage enhances the process of self-healing of the skin and the body, which by means of the precise technical "answer" to the μικροδιάτρηση of spikes, sparking the process of new-κολλαγονογέννησης, namely the creation of a layer of collagen that restores atrophic skin and eliminate the scars.
The process protects the skin without injuring it, while in 48 hours, the areas in the thin skin, neck, face and rest of the body are restored rapidly. This treatment can be used in cases such as weight loss, restore scalp and restore skin from the signs of acne.

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