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PRP – Vampire Face Lift

It's called Platelet Rich Plasma -PRP - Therapy (= Plasma rich in platelets) and is what is most innovative is to show the modern aesthetic medicine. It constitutes a process of treatments with injections of platelets of the same patient (plasma and growth factors it contains) in face and body, which presents spectacular results in the appearance of us, and therapeutic options in cases of wounds, scars, hair loss etc.
It is known that platelets contain growth factors in large quantities, and so using the blood from the same patient (autologous), and after a few procedures, segregation of white and red blood cells, occurs in the plasma, which is rich in platelets. So, using this part of the blood in the process, εκχύουμε all the nutrients that are supplying raw materials fibroblasts to produce on the inside more collagen fibers and hyaluronic acid. The advantage of this method is the raw material (plasma and platelets) from the same patient (becomes a blood drive for the download of the necessary amount of blood we need). So, is minimized and the likelihood of allergies or reactions that could arise from the synthetic materials. Also we have mechanical stimulation of the collagen and hyaluronic with a 100% natural way from the fibroblasts of the organization itself, and the result is displayed progressive and lasts over time. The autologous mesotherapy PRP lasts longer than any other treatment, and the results are evident up to 12 months after treatment. In aesthetic Medicine is applied for the prevention and treatment of skin aging, tightening of sagging skin, wrinkles, cellulite, as well as in the treatment of other aesthetic problems such as scars, hair loss, lesions, etc.
It has excellent results in combination with treatments such as botox and Hyaluronic Acid as well as with treatments such as radio-frequency or laser.
It takes 2-4 sessions to show the final results. Because the agency itself improves the texture of skin, the results are not directly, but start to appear after a few weeks, and with the passage of time. With the repetition of the technique, the results are enhanced more and more. The application is minimally invasive because it is made with very fine and small needles mesotherapy & needling.
Face: Forehead, περιοφθαλμικά foot, crow's feet, cheeks, chin.
Rest of the body: the Abdomen, buttocks, thighs, dorsal hand surface.
Side effects: slight swelling or bruising which subside in 1-3 days.
Various haematological disorders such as hemoglobinopathies, disorders of blood coagulation, low platelets, as well as the receiving anticoagulant-antiplatelet agents. Finally, it should be applied in ασθενέίς facing chronic liver disease, HIV, and if the heart of a period of pregnancy or lactation.

What would you say though, if you could ξαναποκτήσετε the vigor, uniformity of color, the elasticity of the skin age?
Even with a balanced and healthy lifestyle, sometime in the
cells and skin, respectively, we experience the signs of aging. Whenever you don't, you're asking for the secret
of their beauty, they usually take the following form response: "plenty of water, fresh fruits and
vegetables, plenty of sleep and good genes".
This is really the case? No. This is but half the truth.
Scientists have known for some time now that degrade the skin during the process of aging and the wrinkles appear. With increasing age, both reduced remarkably the natural number of the so-called stem cells, fibroblasts καιδερματικών cells. These cells, which we mentioned above provide an ongoing overhaul of the skin, while at the same time give it volume, stability, and elasticity. Thanks to this, the skin remains for a long time, a new, firm, and elastic.
Yours autologous therapy. Trust the stem cells you!
Until today, scientists used ετερόλογους factors to slow down the visible signs of aging and, of course, are often faced with rejection or allergic reaction from the cells of the
patient. Now the autologous treatments Dermagenetic delay the process of aging in a natural way. For the first time, we are able to activate ταβλαστοκύτταρα and fibroblasts of the body
play extremely important role in the reproduction of the skin, to stimulate and to the power of our own platelet-rich plasma mechanisms naturally without any side effects, biocompatible.
You will find that: the well-known terms "Anti-aging" and "Rejuvenation" will gain entirely new dimensions with the protocols Dermagenetic.
Until today, we know that the improvement of the appearance of the leather becomes visible after the first protocol, while further improved in the coming months. Once the new cells activated provided, are starting to be installed.
The natural repair process of the same on your cell, make the
wrinkles are softened, the skin acquires volume and becomes more tight,
more youthful and fresher. Natural rejuvenation from the inside out. The physical process of the same you of the cell to repair lasts several years –only until now. The therapeutic protocols can be implemented either on the same area of skin or other, where it needs to be.
The cells from your own body recognize the exogenous from endogenous factors. So recognize and accept, without side effects or allergic reactions autologous πρωτεϊνικούςπαράγοντες derived from the same. With the treatment Autosoma, οιατρός will activate a small number of platelets and the επανεγχύσει to activate fibroblasts, which play an important role in the structure of the skin to produce new proteins. In this way, we again our skin with new cells from our own body in order to obtain new structures in a natural way. The skin regains its natural firmness, elasticity and its original volume. In addition, the method Autosoma offers increased density of proteins in the skin and improves the complexion. The result is a total rejuvenation of the skin in a natural way. The method Autosoma can be applied with excellent results to any other area of the body, e.x. in the neck, the torso or arms etc.
The procedure is done by a specially trained doctor. The platelets will επανεγχυθούν by your doctor directly to your skin during four treatment sessions at an interval of 1-2 months between them – exactly where you want to revitalize your skin. The therapeutic applications is painless. After this process, you will need to wait about two to three hours before to create your own personal cream.
The method Autosoma recommended by the ABACOSM and the scientific team in Greece and is based on the stimulation of autologous mechanisms of our cells. In essence, our own stem cells are stimulated constantly. This guarantees a long lasting effect and a high level of security.
The sequence of treatment steps with the method Αutosoma:

  •  The doctor will prepare the platelets
  •  These are activated and your doctor will apply
    (a) the vial of επανέγχυσης with laser or fraxpeel
    (b) autologous cream and
    (c) the organic mask.

Further treatments maintenance are recommended after 1-2 years where it needs to be.
The method Αutosoma, the ABACOSM offers a pioneering method for the prevention and reversal of skin aging. What is it that makes the method Αutosoma so special?
The method Autosoma offers a permanent and natural rejuvenation of the skin with the help of cells from your own body, which is 100% biocompatible. The stability and elasticity of the skin is improved remarkably. What is the difference between the method Αutosoma and other methods of rejuvenation of the skin? The method Autosoma is an autologous skin rejuvenation which makes use of stem cells and fibroblasts on your body.
Who can benefit from the method Αutosoma;
Thanks to the natural, perfectly personalized birth process, everyone can benefit from the method Αutosoma.
In what areas of the body is the most effective method Αutosoma?
Any area of skin can be improved dramatically by the use of the method Αutosoma
– particularly the face, neck, cleavage and also the hands and other sensitive areas of the body. Especially οιπεριοχές with striae (stretch marks) and relaxation healed 100%.
How often should I apply the method Αutosoma;
In order to achieve significant results, what is required is a basic treatment which
divided into four treatment sessions with an interval of 1-2 months between them.
When made visible the first results?
Experience has shown that the improvement of the appearance of the skin γίνεταιεντυπωσιακά visible after the first, just a session, while further improved in the coming months. The improvement of the skin lasts several years. An additional treatment maintenance can be carried out after a year, where it needs to be. The method Αutosoma can and should be used periodically for several years, because it stimulates the mechanisms of cellular repair.
It's the perfect anti-aging treatment. So you will have newer cells for τηνμεταμόρφωση of your skin and, later, even after long time. What is the best way to finish the method Αutosoma; As the method Αutosoma make use of your own cellular mechanisms, it is not a question of incompatibility with other aesthetic treatments. The ideal anti-aging therapies are a healthy diet, συστηματικήσωματική exercise and adequate sleep. At the same time the results of treatment are maintained by the daily protocols of anti-aging Dermagenetic.
Available protocols that the doctor may apply

  • Υποτροφικών scars
  • Melasma
  • Age spots
  • Active acne
  • Wrinkle ρυνοπαρειακών
  • Soft wrinkle
  • Acne scars
  • Striae / Stretch Marks

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