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Psychosomatic Skin Diseases

In most cases, the skin diseases are coming to the surface in periods of intense stress. The psychological factor, therefore, plays an important role, since it may trigger and aggravate a skin condition.
There are family members with chronic skin diseases that while they remain dormant for years, coming suddenly to the surface due to stress. Therefore, we could say that when we see the symptoms of various skin diseases, such as psoriasis, herpes, eczema, etc.l. to get worse, we suspect that the person may be going through a period of stress. Of course, in the same way that the stress, anxiety, and sadness can lead to the appearance of skin diseases, the occurrence of these diseases can lead to disruption of psychology such as depression, anxiety, panic, and lack of self-confidence as the person that displays the skin diseases, can't manage the change that occurs in the body. All of this makes it difficult, and the relationship of these individuals as they don't approach other than shame or fear about how they will cope.
The skin is generally that which shows the internal tensions of ourselves which is not expressed through words and behavior. Psychosomatic diseases of the skin, therefore, represent a subjective message. Express a problem that is not conscious and that the person repels. So having repelled the person the problem of the organisation of the it erupts with a skin disease, especially when the person is in periods of intense anxiety, and sadness. Of course, there are cases where the opposite is true, that the skin diseases appear when it has passed the period of stress and bring peace. This is because then the person is required to assess what is bothering him, and not to the address shown by the skin disease in order to deal with ‘this’ and not the real reason that's bothering him. A grief that cannot be expressed, a anger, a drowning, a tough separation, that's not an option can be some of the reasons which can lead to the appearance of such symptoms.
According to the experts, the sessions of relaxation, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) (which helps to change negative styles of thinking) and the group psychotherapy is among the techniques that can help people suffering from certain skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, acne and pigment disorder vitiligo. It seems, however, that in general, the psychological interventions may help, as patients deal with the emotional impact of the diseases of the skin, and not with the same skin diseases.
In general, any kind of therapy appears to be effective in the occurrence of skin diseases and general appearance of psychosomatic diseases as well as through psychotherapy, the person can express his thoughts, concerns and problems that had so long repressed. It is generally very helpful and comforting, and not only in such diseases, the person talking, expressing the anxieties and shares his concerns because it is perfectly normal to the human need to let out every kind of thought of whether it is negative or positive. In cases where children experience some kind of skin disease would be good to discuss with them their concerns and to encourage them to talk about their issues, and to not forget that the same may be experiencing other difficulties in the school environment. So it would be good to inform the children about what exactly is a skin disease that you have, for if it's contagious or not, and to be next to them in each of their questions so I don't imagine that what they have is something so bad.

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