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Q-Switch Tattoo Removal Laser

The tattoo removal with Laser is the most modern method of removing them. We use a special laser tattoo removal, Q-Switch laser, which emits energy that is absorbed selectively by the pigment of the tattoo, leaving intact the surrounding tissues. This has the effect of concentrating all the energy in the pigment of the tattoo without causing any burn on skin.

Laser removal tattoo that breaks down the pigment into very small bits. The particles are then recognised by the agency as foreign bodies and are eliminated slowly like a useless substances , a process that can last some weeks. For this reason, for a complete laser removal tattoo need more than one sessions.

The number of sessions that may be required for laser tattoo removal varies depending on the size, the amount of skin that it occupies, the depth that's been in the dye, the amount and the type of material, how recent and professionally done is a tattoo but the color of the leather. The time between one session of laser tattoo removal until the next, should be enough to keep the agency to eliminate the αποδομημένη dye as well as to restore the normal function of the skin.

An indicative time is about 3-4 weeks, while the number of sessions you will need in order to be fully removed a tattoo varies from 4 up to in some cases and 10 sessions.

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