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Treatment Of Hyperhidrosis

The hyperhidrosis is the medical condition increased up to excessive sweating that occurs at least 1-1.5% of the population, and affects equally both sexes, while starts, especially during the second or third decade of life.
The cause of the hyperhidrosis seems to be the hyperactivity of the sympathetic nervous system. Of course, there are situations in which the hyperhidrosis is the result of another disease, so then we called and secondary.
Depending on where it is detected, it can be focal or all over the body. The areas of the body that are most commonly focal affected are the palms, armpits, and rarely the face. Characteristic of the presence of increased sweating in these areas is that they may be the result of stressful situations, but usually there is some stimulus to the cause.
The result of these conditions is a significant adverse psychological, social or professional consequences. Many individuals feel disadvantaged when they are obliged to shake hands with intensely wet palms, so I avoid socializing or even may change his profession.
The emotional stress can accentuate the hyperhidrosis.
Any disorder of sweating is good to be investigated. The doctor will recommend laboratory testing, if there is suspicion that it is secondary. For the focal disorder, however, is not required special παρακλινικός control (usually it's the test of starch-iodine of the Minor, which identify areas with increased sweat production).
In secondary hyperhidrosis sufficient to cure the cause of.
In focal hyperhidrosis treatment includes either general measures (slight wear, cool environment, fluid intake), or special. The latter may include topical preparations with aluminum salts, salts of zirconium, formaldehyde, or systemic treatment with anticholinergics, calcium antagonists, and sedatives.
There are, however, some invasive methods such as the ιοντοφόρηση made with the introduction of ions in the skin through power supply for the clogging of the pores of the sweat glands in the level of keratin, the injections βουτιλινικής toxin (Botox-A) temporarily suspend, for a period of a few months, the release of acetylcholine and cause temporary chemical denervation, and finally describes the use of a laser beam in the focal axillary hyperhidrosis.
Cure Υπεριδρωσιας
The treatment of hyperhidrosis armpit starts with lotion e.x. μεάλατα aluminium. It's a simple treatment which is applied 1 time a day, and often has good results.
For palmar hyperhidrosis of the feet, we use ιοντοφόρηση. With the help of electricity affected the production of sweat from the edges.
The hyperhidrosis face or the generalized requires pills such as Vagantin with good results, but side effects such as dry eye.
Botox is also used in the armpits and in the hands and feet with success.
Finally, there are procedures such as the thoracoscopic sympathectomy but today tend to be abandoned reason, a sub-optimal outcome and number of complications. Procedures such as the excision of the sweat glands with a scalpel or destruction μεηλεκτροκαυτηρίαση or laser are chosen more and more rare due to the mediocre results (60-70%) and the existence of alternatives.

What You Need To Do:
  • Blood Tests: Excluded Others, Such As Thyroid And Diabetes.
  • Use Antiseptic Soap To Reduce The Possibility Of Contamination With Bacteria And Fungi. Then Dry Your Hands Or Your Feet With A Hair Dryer.
  • Used Powder: If You Sweat All You Would See A Major Improvement.
  • Limited Alcohol And Spicy: Exacerbate The Problem.
  • No On Cotton Socks: They Keep The Sweat And Eventually Your Leg, “Swim” In The Sweat.
  • Try Special Spray: A Lot Of Times To Fight The Problem, Especially If You Are Sweating Armpits.
  • Visit A Dermatologist: If All Else Fails You Could Try Laser, Botox Or Other Invasive Methods.
  • If You Sweat A Lot In Your Sleep: Don't Miss Your Doctor.

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