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Cellulite Treatments – Fat Burning – Clamping

A problem that concerns most women, regardless of whether they have extra pounds. Cellulite is due to abnormal accumulation of fat and water between the skin and the subcutaneous tissue.
Cellulite affecting approximately 90% of the female population in the world, with white women because of her skin to be more prone.
As the cellulite can be defined as the change in the surface of the skin, which is textured and has a look similar with orange peel, cottage cheese or a layer.
The parts of the body where it occurs mainly cellulite is the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, arms and calves. Does not pose risks to our health, but it is an aesthetic problem that negatively affects the psychology of many women.
The American Academy of Dermatology, support that cellulite is a natural mechanism of fat storage on adult women to ensure that there are sufficient calories for future pregnancies and breastfeeding.

How To Deal With Cellulite?

By controlling the factors that cause cellulite, it is possible to narrow it down enough. The right diet, the intake of plenty of fluids and limiting alcohol consumption can help us significantly. Moreover, regular physical exercise contributes to the improvement of the situation.
However, in many women, the problem of cellulite insists, even if you lose weight, and regular exercise.
In women, the tissue is highly sensitive to fluctuations in the levels of hormones (menstrual cycle, pregnancy, menopause), which cause the storage and creation of the accumulated fat. Most women have tried in vain to banish cellulite in every way, from the diet and vigorous exercise until the anti-κυτταριτιδικές creams, traditional and alternative therapies and medicines slimming.
Cellulite can be diagnosed and classified into four stages. The more advanced the stage of cellulitis, the more effort it takes to deal with. During the treatment of cellulite, the blocked lymph must has cleared, the system of the chimney must be stimulated, the fibrous tissue around the hard warehouses of the fat needs to be more soft or disallowed and impossible network of collagen and elastin fibers must be strengthened and reformed.

Mesotherapy For Cellulite

It usually takes 8-10 sessions with an interval of 10 days. The initial results will start but already you can see from the first time. In mesotherapy inject with injections of firming, λιπολυτικά and αγγειοτονωτικά ingredients, such as caffeine and carnitine. The application for treatment is made after you put numbing cream 1 hour before with a very small needle, the doctor will inject in the area of the treatment components of the appropriate personnel in your sample. There may be some bruising, which will take 3-4 days.

Mesotherapy: Advantages Of The Treatment

Unfortunately, cellulite is one of the most difficult aesthetic problems we have to solve. The depth that we need to act the substances does not allow us more painless techniques (needle). During the treatment it is advisable to follow some other tips that I will tell the doctor. E.x. stress, sedentary lifestyle, smoking.
One of the advantages of Mesotherapy compared with other treatments is the fact that it is possible to make combinations of injectable materials according to the existing problem. Many times it is unfortunately not only the cellulite problem, but co-exist and the local thickness and relaxation. So with their appropriate combinations and treatment protocols, it is possible to tackle at the same time and the 3 problems depending on the area (for example, a cocktail with material 50% for cellulite, 25% for lipolysis and 25% for tightening). In addition, in parallel with the Mesotherapy can be a combination of enzymes which are injectable, but with a radio frequency RF or/and with lymphatic drainage massage. All of the above, it is possible to strengthen and products which are applied by the patient at home.

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