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What Is The REVIDERM SkinNeedler;

The REVIDERM, a leader in Medical Aesthetics, innovates and presents the SkinNeedler, the leading device for the effective performance of microneedling, with the goal of anti-aging, improvement of scars and the quality of the skin, in general. For more than a decade, the Microneedling is considered to be the secret weapon between the treatments of Medical Aesthetics. This treatment penetrates into the lower layers of skin repairing problem areas and restoring the youthfulness of. The favorite treat of Hollywood is optimized with the use of Skinneedler and is a simple and accessible to all, a process.

What Are The Indications Of Application?

The SkinNeedler acts extremely effective for the treatment and πρόληψητων atrophic scarring, the appearance is improved and the depth is minimized.
The anti-aging properties of the treatment to ensure the visible reduction of ρυτίδωναλλά and the successful prevention of new ones. In addition to facing the relaxation of the skin and thus improves the contour of the face.
The SkinNeedler is for the setting of adipose and overreactive skin and for skin with poor structure. It is ideal for the treatment of the harmful effects of photoaging on the skin.
One more advantage of the SkinNeedler is that it reinforces the skin's ability to absorb the active, anti-aging ingredients which can penetrate deep into the tissues.

How does The Treatment Work REVIDERM SkinNeedling;

H head has μικροβελόνες which have been cleverly διαρυθμιστεί in a range of ten and sunk into the skin to 1500 times per second, making the REVIDERM SkinNeedler more intelligent. This new layout, the speed and accuracy of penetration of the ensure a virtually painless, completely safe treatment with extremely high levels of satisfaction. A further advantage of the device up is the flexibility of the drilling depth, so it can be adjusted according to the individual needs of each skin.
The minimally invasive method, has several common features and properties with other treatments such as Acupuncture, Mesotherapy and Laser. The difference τουSkinNeedler with other methods of anti-ageing treatments such as Botox, is the fundamental purpose of the actual and overall improvement of the quality of the leather and not the cover of the defects. The skin can be restored, of course, becomes more youthful and healthy as it stimulates the regeneration and healing of.
The sessions for the completion of the treatment is exactly 6 and take place every 15 days. Each session lasts approximately one hour. The first 3 days it is extremely important to successfully complete the recovery of the skin. For this reason ηREVIDERM has constructed a kit with three specially-designed products, which are the ideal choice for the care of the skin of the first days where the skin is more sensitive and should be protected from the διεπιδερμική loss of water and UV rays. The correct selection of active ingredients and high-quality protection from the sun promote the best results of treatment. The kit that comes free with the beginning of the sessions SkinNeedling.

Why Should I Choose The REVIDERM SkinNeedler;

H high-tech construction makes it unique in Greece but also in Europe and undoubtedly puts the new data in the Medical Aesthetics. Guarantee best results compared with other methods of microneedling, as the dermapens and dermarollers, that have been overcome. Other methods that are used today can cause serious damage to the skin without it being necessary, or the block to release the efficiency of the.
To ensure that the method SkinNeedler works perfectly in combination with other preparations, the REVIDEM developed certified formulas, such as the REVIDERM Contour Lift Formula and the REVIDERM Neuro Sensitive Formula specifically for the treatment of Microneedling. These highly active formulas containing biomimetic peptides which stimulate and enhance the regeneration of the skin. The regulatory mechanisms and the regulatory molecules of the same skin were used as models to develop the HIGHLY ACTIVE FORMULA. Each serum is composed of a main active ingredient which is capable to deliver targeted action on the skin. The active of these formulas are chosen in accordance with the needs of the skin and penetrate deep into the skin with the help of SkinNeedler.

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