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The only subcutaneous method to combat the cellulite with the method of targeted radio frequency (RFR) guaranteed final results with just one application.
To Spherofill Cell, is the new medical device for effective and permanent treatment of fibrous cellulite. Many of the treatments against cellulite is excellent to improve the skin tone, reduce excess fat, or/and to stimulate microcirculation, but don't act on so-called "holes" caused by the recurrent fibrosis.
The Spherofill Cell is the only device that can choose with precision the fibers to work with, to immediately hide, and eliminate permanently the phenomenon of the "orange peel".
The Spherofill Cell has a unique handle with a possibility of connection of a needle which enter easily and with accuracy, the desired point of application, and it cuts both superficial and deeper layers with ease. The needle is not fitted, and this allows the emission of a particular radio frequency that can weaken the collagen fibers without damage or thermal stimulation. The emitted radio frequency has the following functions:

  • Variations Of The Collagen Fibers
  • Stimulation Of Fibroblasts For The Production Of New Matrix Matrix
  • Mechanical Cutting Of The Ινώσεων
  • Thermal Damage Of Fat Cells
  • Injection Αναζωογονητικού Or Αναγεννητικού Product Mesotherapy

With the injection of mesotherapy, hyaluronic or any other product of your choice, increasing the effectiveness of treatment and extended the aesthetic and therapeutic effect up to a year and a half later.
The Spherofill Cell, promises you a unique and impressive effects with just one app!! One look will convince you of the quality and reliability of the.

The Spherofill Cell works very nice and in areas that hardly worked in some other way or method, such as the neckline, the lines of the neck and face, giving spectacular results!

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