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The fungal infections are common infections caused by microorganisms which grow when they find the right conditions, such as heat and humidity.
Skin fungal infections are divided into three main categories, depending on the fungi that cause it: those due to dermatophytes, in ποικιλόχρου dandruff and fungal infections by candida.

Fungal Infections By Dermatophytes

The dermatophytes affect the skin anywhere on the body, claws, and -in children - the hair. Concerning fungi that exist in the soil, but also in pets.
The nails appear various alterations: it can be yellow or bleached, can be brittle, and can have streaks over, to be πεπαχυσμένα or minutes.

Pityriasis Versicolor

The pityriasis versicolor appears in the form of spots on the trunk, the neck and the roots of the upper limb. It manifests itself most often in the summer, because one main way of transmission is by the sand of the beach.


Candida is a fungus that is favored very much from the humidity and heat, which is why the καντιντιάσεις usually manifest where there are folds in the skin: under the breast, in the interdigital areas of the arms and legs, on μηρογεννητικές aspects, in the armpits.

Fungal Infections Of The Feet

A point of the body where easily grow fungi, especially in the summer are the legs, which is due to the heat, the moisture due to sweating of the feet, but also to the fact that many people use constantly shoes that are not well ventilated.
The most common fungal infection that develops in the legs is the so-called "foot of the athletes', which is due to infection with either candida or with ringworm. The symptoms of this fungal infection, which may occur individually or in combination, are dry skin, itching, scaling, inflammation, and blisters.
The fungal infection can spread to the soles of the feet and the nails of the feet, but in other parts of the body, in particular due to εντόνου itching of the sufferer, and then touching other parts of the skin.

  • Good Hygiene With Daily Washing And Frequent Change Of Clean And Σιδερωμένων Lingerie Is Important For The Prevention Of Fungal Infections.
  • Weight Loss In Overweight Or Obese People And Good Blood Sugar Control In Diabetic Patients Is Of Primary Importance For These People.
  • Those Who Sweat Too May Need Special Treatment, With Intermittent Use Of Special Lotions And Daily Use Of Absorbent Formulations In Powder Form (With Or Without Anti-Fungal Ingredients).
  • For Those Who Have A Vulnerability To The Development Of Fungal Infection, Athlete's Foot, It Is Necessary The Use Of Footwear, That Ensure Good Ventilation Of The Foot.
  • It Is Also Necessary To The Good Hygiene Of The Feet: Wash The Feet With Soap And Water, Dry Carefully, Especially Between The Fingers And Frequently Changing Shoes (And Winter Socks) To Reduce The Moisture And To Prevent The Fungi To Infect Your Feet.
  • In Addition, You Don't Have To Walk Barefoot In Public Areas, And If Your Feet Sweat Too Much, It Is Advisable To Wear Socks And In The Summer (As Long As The Change In The Day).
  • Don't Wear Heavy Or Tight Clothes During The Summer, Which Can Cause Υπερεφίδρωση. Choose The Minute And Cotton Fabrics.
  • Avoid Lying Down Without A Towel On The Beaches And Sun Loungers. Reapply Regularly, Beach Towels, And Avoid Using Towels Third Parties.
  • Do Not Use Foreign Personal Toiletries (Brushes, Combs, Makeup Products, Body Creams) And Avoid To Lend Your Own.
  • Care For Your Nails To Be Close, Dry And Clean. Attention: Do Not Cut The Corners. Make Sure That You Comply With The Rules Of Hygiene And Sterilization Areas, E.g. Aesthetics, That You Visit.
  • Don't Stay Many Hours In A Wet Swimsuit.

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