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Botox – Hyaluronic

Botox (Botox) – What Is
Botox Allergan and Dysport are the trade names of botulinum toxin type A. The treatment of wrinkles with botox is one of the best known and most effective anti-aging therapies. The cosmetic use of botox for wrinkles is today the most popular aesthetic treatment.
Botox is a protein produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. It is known as botulinum toxin type A or botulinum toxin. In cosmetic dermatology, botox is used to eliminate the wrinkles of the face and is the most popular anti-aging treatment. Treatment with botox is minimally invasive and gives results instantly.
In person, the effect of botox is to temporarily inactivates and local μιμικούς face. Reduces the traffic in the small, i.e., muscles that cause the expressions, such as anger, sorrow, surprise, wonder, etc. These muscles συσπώμενοι create the wrinkles and that's exactly where targeted by the botox. For example, the sphincter of the eyelids twitching to close the eyelid. But at the same time creates the radial wrinkles around the eyes, which is commonly known as the "crow's feet". With botox , in the right dose and the right place, these wrinkles are softened, without losing the expressiveness of us.
Botox (botox) – Mode of action in hyperhidrosis
In primary hyperhidrosis, botox stops the nervous stimulus that reaches up to the sweat glands. The sweat glands cease to receive the stimulus to produce sweat. It should be noted that the application of botox in such situations prevent excessive sweating and not the normal production of sweat.

Wrinkle Treatment With Botox

With botox prevent and deal with wrinkles. Such is the wrinkles of the forehead, the glabellar wrinkles (wrinkles of anger) and eye wrinkles – crow's feet. Also with injections of botox we can improve the oval of the face and neck wrinkles. The botulinum toxin, therefore, make the neck and face to look younger and more rested.

Botox (Botox) – Side Effects

When botox is applied by a special rare displays adverse reactions. If these occur are transient and mild. Side effects of botox are any bruises (ecchymosis) at the infusion site, which subside in a few days or a non-symmetrical reduction of wrinkles corrected in the review that takes place in 15 days. Heaviness may be in the first days after the botox injections, but subsides quickly. People who in the past have suffered from botulism, (a rare phenomenon in Greece) have developed antibodies to the botox and do not benefit from the drug, but a few. More severe side effects such as eyelid drooping, are described when botox is applied by non-specialists.

Botox – How Often Should

To have timeless continuous and successful action of botox, should this be done in the smallest possible quantity that can act and with the maximum possible interval. Botox is good to be applied on the 2 – 3 times a year (in special cases it may need up to 4 repetitions of botox per year). If it happens too often, then the body shows strength and neutralizes the toxin more quickly, thus has poorer outcome in the future. The micro-dose (supplement botox/retouch) of botox should be done between 10 - 16 days, and no later than on the expiry of this period, because in the opposite case, the body perceives it as a booster dose, resulting in the rapid development of resistance, and reduced duration of botox in the future.

Botox (Botox) – Instructions Immediately After The Treatment

Stay in an upright position for 3 hours after the application of botox in the face.
Do not lie down for 3 hours after botox.
Do not rub the area of application of botox, immediately after, and 3 days.
Don't overheat the area where the botox injections for 3 days. Therefore, after the botox is not recommended to use very hot water or the coiffure techniques that heat the front.
Avoid strenuous physical activity for 3 days after the botox.
Avoid the use of alcohol and aspirin for 3 days after the botox.
One of the most modern, effective and safe treatments that can demonstrate today the Aesthetic of the awarding body dermato is the extinction or the softening of facial wrinkles with the use of a drug called Hyaluronic acid. This is an alternative combination therapy that may improve or correct defects of the features of the face, giving a perfectly natural result, without the need to pass someone on the threshold of the surgery. Hyaluronic acid offers hydration, firmness, and fills lips making the corners.
Hyaluronic acid is a γλυκοζαμινοπρωτεϊνη, a molecule so that there is solid in nature. Is the main structural component of the human body and is identical in most types of organisations and in all types of tissues.
In very simple words, in our skin and the skin of all mammals, there are molecules of Hyaluronic acid, which together with molecules of Elastin and Collagen are produced at a constant rate of cells called fibroblasts.
With age, the fibroblasts degrade and diminish in number with the result that the skin λεπτύνεται, loses volume and firmness. Since Hyaluronic acid is a highly hydrophilic molecule (binds water up to 1000 times its weight), the loss as a structural component of the tissue leads to a picture dehydrated, thin and friable skin, resulting in the formation of fine wrinkles and deep-aspects of the skin.
Hyaluronic acid fills wrinkles around the lips, mouth, acne scars, while increasing the volume to the lips and cheekbones. Therefore, it can be used in young people. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is made in the laboratory and simulates our own that there is in the skin, the mucous membranes and joints. Insert it under the skin injections.
Can be used as a filler, or as Mesotherapy. Depends on the needs of the person. A new patient who smokes needs mesotherapy all over the face for hydration and shine. If he displays any wrinkles before you're 30, around the mouth, it needs filler locally. A patient with deep wrinkles on the face combination of filler and mesotherapy, while for the empty cheekbones and lips that want aid, filler. The treatment is quick, painless, the material contains anesthetic and the procedure is tolerated.
There are various kinds of hyaluronic acid on the market. The duration can be up to 18 months, but the average is 1 year. These in terms of the filler. Mesotherapy on the other hand, repeats 4 times in the year to look beautiful the result and duration. This is because hyaluronic of mesotherapy is thin and import it in more superficial.
The whole process takes 30-40 minutes and the results are visible immediately. After the treatment usually requires the application of ice, local injection site for about 2 hours. Then may receive a small irritation and swelling in the injection area due to the injections, which usually resolves in 24-48 hours and can be covered easily, usually with make-up. In the case of the lips, which are most sensitive, the swelling may last a little bit longer.
Because like molecule is almost the same as that which exists in human tissues, the injection of Hyaluronic acid is characterized by excellent security.
It is a substance that is completely inert, which means that:
don't make allergies
does not cause reactions
creates inflammation
Also, it tends to shift, so that's where that is implanted there remains, while retaining the desired effect for a long time.

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